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Marie-Claude Raynault preparing mü creams by hand


Marie-Claude Raynault is an entrepreneur in her early thirties who has been working in the field of wellness (well being) for well over a decade.


Having graduated in massotherapy, at the age of 19, she begins her career as a massage therapist in spas. Having developed a passion for beauty, at the age of 26, she chooses to pursue her studies in the field of aesthetics. During this period, she is recruited by a prestigious hairdressing company, to develop a medical-aesthetic space. Trained by Mrs Danièle Henkel and her team, she becomes a specialist in medical aesthetic and endermologist care. This opportunity enables her to see another side to aesthetics by being constantly surrounded by technology and experiencing first hand how quite laborious the manipulation of the devices can be. She now yearns for a return to the roots of aesthetics.

Her passion comes to the forefront in 2012 when she founds Maricla-Üde, promoting wellness and offering massage therapy and beauty care.

In 2014, she is ready to embark into the fabrication of artisanal natural cosmetics. Furthermore, she ventures to Seattle where she learns to perfect the process products. Influenced by the bio-natural wave stemming from Western North America, she expands her global wellness knowledge into the spheres of nutrition, meditation and workshop of natural products.

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