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massage therapy at home




Massage (60 minutes)90$
Massage (90 minutes)110$
Manual lymphatic drainage95$
Royal treatment of hands and feetCombo: 24$
Separately: 12$

Maricla-Üde offers massotherapy services at home: Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and massage for pregnant women and their baby.

Massages provide multiple benefits to the body, mind and soul. Firstly, massage therapy soothes and calms, relieves pain, improves sleep quality, increases breathing capacity, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, reduces constipation, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and improves skin health. In addition, for the structure and posture of the body, massage therapy relieves back pain, relaxes the muscles, participates in relaxing tensions, improves joint mobility and, finally, promotes a greater amplitude of the movements.

Furthermore, at the sensory and psychomotor levels, a massage increases the body’s consciousness, awakens the sense of touch and sharpens perceptions and promotes a greater circulation of energy.

Finally, psychologically and emotionally : massage therapy increases the awareness of one’s emotions, increases self-esteem, contributes to calm and resistance to stress and reduces anxiety.




4 hour flat rate (unlimited number of people)200$
5 hour flat rate (unlimited number of people)250$
PersonalizedContact us

Maricla-Üde travels with her equipment to offer her massage therapy services, making massages in the workplace an accessible, simple and effective way to allow employees to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. In the same respect, everyone can enjoy her services from the comfort of their own home without restriction. Chair massages offer flexibility to overworked employees and these typically last 15 to 30 minutes. They are done over clothes without oil allowing the employee to resume work immediately after the care. Employers sometimes offer this service in the context of a social activity or during the week of health and prevention at work. Corporate events such as golf tournaments, conventions, fairs and conferences are also adequate venues for these types of massages.



Our facials are adapted to the needs of your skin, using phytocosmetics. The treatment takes approximately one hour and a half, various massage techniques and herbs adapted to your skin will be applied to give your skin a well deserved radiant complexion.

Price : 95$



Add a moisturizing natural hair treatment to revitalize the lioness in you

Price : add 35$ to the price of another service.


Hand-made NATURAL skincare products made with heart.

– Face Cream –

Organic avocado oil extract and jojoba oil renowned for its nutritive and regenerative qualities, our moisturizing cream will leave your skin soft and supple, while protecting it from external aggressions. The extract of essential oil of eucalyptus will help to purify the skin while giving it back its brilliance.


– Body Cream –

Conceived from organic avocado oil extract, renowned for its nutritive and regenerative qualities, our moisturizing body cream will leave your skin soft and supple, while protecting it from external aggressions.35,00$ 100g

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